• November 13, 2014
  • 12:46

Established more than a decade ago, Frontica has evolved from being Aker Solutions’ in-house shared services supplier to becoming an international provider of corporate services with extensive experience from the oil and gas industry.

Following the merger between Aker Maritime and Kværner in 2002, a restructuring process was initiated to streamline the business and the idea of sharing services was formed. By merging all back-office functions under one umbrella, the organization obtained scale advantages and improved profitability. This led to the establishment of Aker Kværner Business Partner (AKBP) in August 2002, when approximately 900 employees were transferred from the company's various offices in Norway.

Standardisation and flexibility

During the first years, AKBP standardized its products, services and pricing structure. AKBP was able to negotiate improved deals with suppliers, while it offered flexible mechanisms for charging the companies in the Aker Kværner group. Within the first year, cost savings of about 20 percent were achieved, and the concept was then implemented to the offices in the UK, US and Brazil.

In 2006, AKBP consolidated its international footprint by setting up its regional office in Kuala Lumpur. A matrix organization was established, with a joint management team and a global delivery model. Two years later, Aker Kværner became Aker Solutions, and AKBP was renamed Aker Business Services.

Recent years

Over the last decade, the number of corporate services offered has expanded, by including, amongst others, recruitment services and global mobility services. In 2013, Aker Solutions integrated its temporary staffing company Aker Advantage into Aker Business Services and became Business Solutions.

In September 2014, Aker Solutions was split into two companies; Aker Solutions and Akastor. Consequently, Business Solutions was established as an independent company within the Akastor group and changed its name to Frontica. The staffing business now also includes permanent recruitment and global mobility services and is operated under the trademark Frontica Advantage.