Frontica Business Solutions wins contract with Statoil UK

  • August 24, 2015
  • 09:00

Frontica Business Solutions, a global provider of outsourcing services in more than 20 countries with headquarters in Norway, has secured a contract with Statoil to provide payroll services for onshore and offshore staff working in the UK. “Efforts to reduce costs in the oil and gas industry are leading to new business opportunities for companies such as Frontica,” says Chief Executive Officer Niels Didrich Buch.

“We see great opportunities from an increased focus on solutions that can drive down costs and subsequently help companies become more competitive in an increasingly tough market. Outsourcing enables companies to focus on core activities and streamline their operations” says Buch. “This is an important win for Frontica as we expand our customer base globally.”

Frontica’s extensive experience in providing payroll services in the oil and gas industry, more specifically running offshore payroll, will be crucial to Statoil’s operations related to the Mariner oil and gas field and the Dudgeon offshore wind farm in coming years. The Dudgeon offshore wind farm will be built 20 miles (32km) off the coast of Cromer in North Norfolk, UK, and will be fully installed by late 2017. The wind farm will produce sufficient electricity to power over 410, 000 UK homes.

Statoil UK has a diverse workforce. Outsourcing the payroll delivery to Frontica presents an opportunity for effectively managing this population and driving cost efficiencies.

The agreement is effective from 1 August 2015 and is a 3 year contract with options to extend. Scope of work within the contract entails time writing and time evaluation, statutory leave, payroll, HR accounting and reporting, and request handling for Statoil employees in the UK. Frontica will also assume responsibility for certain mobility tasks related to frequent business travellers to Norway, and short term business visitors to the UK. Frontica will service Statoil out of Frontica’s offices in Aberdeen.

About Frontica Business Solutions

Frontica Business Solutions provides staffing, recruitment, consulting, IT and other outsourcing services in more than 20 countries globally. Our experience dates back more than a decade when we started providing in-house services to Aker companies. Our revenues were NOK 5.8 billion in 2014. We employ more than 1,000 people with specialist skills within information technology, procurement and facility management, transactional finance, payroll services, recruitment, project management and business consulting. Through our global delivery model we provide solutions that enable our customers to become more agile and efficient. Frontica is 100% owned by Akastor ASA, an oil service investment company that is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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