Strengthening the Frontica Management Team

  • January 27, 2016
  • 10:56

Morten Søgård has been appointed Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development at Frontica Group AS. Morten comes from Evry ASA where he has worked for over ten years, during the last period as Executive Vice President with responsibility for operations in the Nordic region.

New markets
"We are looking forward to having Morten on-board at Frontica. He has extensive experience within business and IT, and has worked internationally over many years. Going forward, Frontica will offer expertise in new markets in addition to the oil and gas sector, where Morten will be a key resource. His knowledge and experience will strengthen the management team and he will contribute to developing the company further," says Niels Didrich Buch, CEO of Frontica Group AS.

Søgård led the merger of EDB and ErgoGroup in 2011/2012, and had a key role when EVRY outsourced parts of its operations to IBM in 2015, where several hundred employees were transferred to their new partner.

Growth Phase
"Frontica is in an exciting phase. The company has a good platform to become a leading player in several sectors. Under the current market conditions, it is important that Frontica considers other neighbouring markets to the oil and gas sector. Project-oriented businesses and industries are natural sectors to establish themselves. Frontica has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, but possesses expertise and solutions to suit other markets as well", says Morten Søgård, SVP Strategy & Business Development at Frontica Group AS.

"We will now clarify the service portfolio at Frontica while finding good partners who can further strengthen our company," concluded Søgård.