SAP is at the core of many business processes ranging from finance, supply chain to engineering. Frontica provides global SAP application management support and consulting with our SAP teams located in Malaysia, Norway, US, Great Britain and Brazil.

Over the past years, Frontica have had the pleasure of being a forerunner of the new technology, especially when it comes to HANA and HANA S/4 Business Suite – a game changer in the world of SAP.

SAP HANA is a complete technology platform for both on premise and cloud deployments. The central pillar of SAP HANA is the database service layer; a state of the art in memory database engine that enables analysis on the fly and a new “insight to action” paradigm with shorter reaction and times as a consequence. On the top of this database service layer, HANA provides application, processing, and integration and quality services. SAP is using the HANA platform to renovate their suite of business applications, re-writing the applications to take full advantage of the technological capabilities. 

Last year, in 2015, we kicked off our own move to the future, when we implemented SAP HANA as the database for our customers ERP systems. In early 2016, we then implemented the first of the new HANA functional applications; S/4HANA Finance, bringing us real time analytics in finance a new innovative browser based user interface SAP Fiori. In between these two large HANA projects we also completed some complex restructuring projects for our customers; the SAP carve-out project, system split project and company code merge projects. We are proud to look back at what we successfully delivered during this time and feel that the SAP quality award that Frontica won for the SAP carve-out project was a well deserved token of recognition for this effort. We at Frontica cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us. Stay tuned for news.


Written by Morten Ehrhorn, Lead Architect SAP in Frontica