Interview tips

  • March 30, 2016
  • 14:17

Once your CV has been accepted by the recruiter, and you are nominated as a candidate for a position with us, the next step is an interview with your potential future employer. Here are some simple tips on how you can enhance your chances of success in this final stage of your job application process:


Before attending the interview you should invest time in researching your potential future employer. The companies we serve usually have many different Business Units, hundreds of departments, and thousands of products. Try to find information on what this exact department is doing, and then think about how you with your skills can contribute to the achievement of their goals.


In the practice stage, make sure you also get to know yourself. Practice your responses on typical questions, such as those about your background, your responsibilities, your strenghts, and weaknesses. Spend some time asking yourself about these issues, and be honest. Try to think of examples you could use that could showcase your skills relevant to the position and role intended. Also think of questions you could ask the interviewers - this often shows that you have done your research, and that you are motivated for the position.  

Be present

There are two key factors the recruiters and hiring managers are assessing in the interview setting: your professional skills and competence, and your personality. The first factor is to evaluate whether your skills are matching the requirements of the position, and the second factor is to evaluate whether you could potentially be contributing to building a stronger team and department. In many cases the latter can be the decisive factor, when candidates' professional skills are somewhat similar. Be yourself, smile, and try to be to-the-point when answering all questions. Make it easy for them to see how your skills and personality can contribute in this role, and be sure to express your sincere motivation for the position.