What we do


We are an engineering service company designing offshore installations for the energy sector that can stand severe weather conditions.

Our multidisciplinary staff is a team of highly educated specialist engineers, all having significant and relevant experience in their fields.

Our main activities are related to offshore drilling facilities, plug and abandonment packages, processing installations and offshore wind.

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Sleipner Field
Photo: Equinor


Our core business is concept development, Front end Engineering Design (FEED) and detail engineering as well as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects. The projects that we have been a part of in the North Sea have all been great technical achievements for their time and have set new standards in the offshore industry. This includes permanent installations for both fixed and floating process and utility units.

Some major references:

  • Sleipner Vest – SLB WHP (concept and detail engineering of topside)
  • Visund FP&DU (detail engineering of topsides and hull)
  • Norne FPSO (hull and turret)
  • Åsgard A FPSO (hull and turret)
  • Kristin FPSO (concept study)
  • Oseberg Øst WHP (concept study)
  • Hermod WHP (concept study)
  • Alvheim FPSO (upgrade assistance)
  • Greater Ekofisk field development (assistance)


Our engineering references related to offshore drilling facilities design go back to the early 1980s (Norwegian Rig Consultants). Since then we have been a front runner in developing concepts, systems, layout and structural arrangements to permanent and mobile offshore units in all waters of the world where oil and gas exploration take place in harsh weather conditions.

We have worked with most of the major oil and gas companies and taken part in their field development programs. In addition, we have worked with most design houses and fabrication yards for mobile offshore drilling units (MODU’s).

Frontica Engineering has experience from all project phases from concept development, front end engineering design (FEED), detail engineering, construction support at yard and on-shore and offshore completion for both greenfield and brown field applications.

We claim to be the best engineering partner available for design and upgrade of offshore drilling facilities.

References for permanent drilling facilities:

  • White Rose Extension
  • Grane
  • Valhall
  • Oseberg Øst
  • Snorre B
  • Captain A
  • Visund
  • Oseberg Sør
  • Heidrun
  • Snorre A
  • Sleipner A
  • Gullfaks A/B/C
  • Snorre A Modifications
  • Oseberg B Modifications
  • Oseberg Øst New Mud Module
  • Statfjord A New Mud Module
Grane drilling image 1

Photo: Øyvind Hagen, Equinor

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We have been involved in offshore wind development projects since 2015. Although our focus has been in other energy sectors and we have no large-scale contract references, we have had a foot into the renewable energy sector as a partner to others and by assigning specialist engineers to complex offshore windfarm projects.

We have extensive experience in the design of infrastructure and conversion platforms.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio is built up over a period of 40 years and our experience is extensive. The activities that we have been involved in counts more than 150 individual projects within a wide range of offshore applications. Below is a list of type and number of project references.

Feasibility Studies and Concept Development 42
Front End Engineering Design (FEED) 14
Detail Engineering and Procurement 20
Drillship Design (design input and assistance) 21
Semi Submersibles (design input and assistance) 41
Jack-up Design (design input and assistance) 11
Offshore Wind Farm (assistance) 2